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These new designs (with the exception of the Mountain Hike pattern) feature my From the Depth Signature Batik Collection with Hoffman California Fabrics! See entire line here. To order any of the following designs click on the pattern title to be directed to the individual design page, or click here to go the Wildfire Designs Alaska online store.

Maritime's Most Wanted: 4-Block Group Wallhanging

MMW: Sea Otter PatternMMW: Horned PuffinMMW: Tufted Puffin PatternMMW: Octopus Pattern

Maritime's Most Wanted: 4-Block Group
Item #: WDA1809-1812





Maritime's Most Wanted: Sea Otter Individual Wallhanging

MMW: Sea Otter
Item #: WDA1809

MMW: Sea Otter Pattern


Maritime's Most Wanted: Horned Puffin Individual Wallhanging

MMW: Horned Puffin
Item #: WDA1810

MMW: Horned Puffin Pattern


Maritime's Most Wanted: Tufted Puffin Individual Wallhanging

MMW: Tufted Puffin
Item #: WDA1811

MMW: Tufted Puffin Pattern


Maritime's Most Wanted: Octopus Individual Wallhanging

MMW: Octopus
Item #: WDA1809

MMW: Octopus Pattern


Octopus Attract Tablerunner

Octopus Attract
Item #: WDA1801

Octopus Attract Pattern


Jellyfish Bloom Tablerunner

Jellyfish Bloom
Item #: WDA1802

Jellyfish Bloom Pattern


Shoreline Tablerunner

Item #: WDA1803

Shoreline Pattern

Dancing with My Baby Wallhanging


Dancing with My Baby
Item #: WDA1804

Dancing with My Baby

Baby Beluga Wallhanging

Baby Beluga
Item #: WDA1805

Baby Beluga Pattern

Leader of the Pod Wallhanging

Leader of the Pod
Item #: WDA1806

Leader of the Pod Pattern

From the Depths Quilt

From the Depth
Item #: WDA1807


Beware the Kraken Quilt

Beware the Kraken
Item #: WDA1808


Mountain Hike: Dall Sheep

Mountain Hike: Big Horn Ram

Mountain Hike
Item #: WDA1714

Mountain Hike

Mountain Hike Laser Kits available in Dall Sheep or Big Horn Ram coloration.

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