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Floating Glass

Floating Glass Tablerunner

Floating Glass Pattern
Item #: WDA2306

Floating Glass Pattern

Approx. 16.5" x 41" Finished Size

Japanese glass bouys are a very popular item to decorate with along the coasts. They are an especially common site in coastal communities in Alaska and come in a variety of colors. My favorites are the blue and aqua colored glass (you may have noticed I like blues). Although I usually only feature non manmade subjects in my work, I've thought for years that if I did another ocean/shore themed collection I would want to feature them. Floating Glass proved to be one of the most popular patterns from the Along the Shores collection and featured my favorite batiks from the line (you may see this one in my house one day).

Floating Glass uses my Along the Shores Signature Batik line with Hoffman California Fabrics.

Floating Glass Tablerunner Laser Cut Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA2306LKP

Floating Glass Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA2306LK

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January 19, 2024