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Octopus Revisited

Octopus Revisited Tablerunner

Octopus Revisited Pattern
Item #: WDA2307

Octopus Revisited Pattern

Approx. 17" x 36" Finished Size

Octopus Revisited is a 'revisit' of my Octopus Attract pattern from 2018. The new color scheme brightens it up (a lot) and reflects the colors on either side of the copper sandy ribbon running through the center, rather than making them opposites (as in Octopus Attract). Octopus tentacles are still one of my favorite subjects to draw due to their curly twisted nature.

Octopus Revisited uses my Along the Shores Signature Batik line with Hoffman California Fabrics.

Octopus Revisited Tablerunner Laser Cut Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA2307LKP

Octopus Revisited Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA2307LK

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Updated by Dana Michelle
January 19, 2024