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Japanese Elegance: Momiji

Japanese Elegance: Momiji Wallhanging

Japanese Elegance: Momiji Pattern
Item #: WDA2114

Japanese Elegance: Momiji Pattern

Approx. 15" x 41" Finished Size

My junior year in high school I became friends with one of our school's foreign exchange students from Japan. Her name was Machiko, and she and I have been friends now for almost 25 years. In 2007 she and her husband invited me to come to Japan, and I jumped at the chance to see her again and her homeland.

I arrived at the very end of October when the Momiji, maple leaves, were turning the most brilliant reds, golds and yellows. Her and her husband Ken took me all around Tokyo. It was an incredible experience and I absolutely fell in love with Japan. One day we traveled outside of Tokyo to the base of Mount Fuji and the maple leaves there were overwhelmingly beautiful.

I knew I would go back to Japan one day, but next time I wanted to come in the Spring to see the cherry blossoms bloom. In 2018 I returned to Japan with my family - and finally experienced Sakura in full bloom!

Japanese Elegance: Sakura uses batiks from my 2021 Return to the Wild Signature Batik Collection with Hoffman California Fabrics. This pattern can be made as a wallhanging or tablerunner. See all my Return to the Wild batiks here.

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Japanese Elegance: Momiji Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA2114LKP

Japanese Elegance: Momiji Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA2114LK

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Japanese Elegance: Sakura

Japanese Elegance: Sakura Wallhanging

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