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Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Pattern
Item #: WDA1502

Spring Fling Pattern Cover

Approx. 45" x 57" Finished Lap Size

This happy little spring quilt includes instructions to make up as a lap (shown on cover), twin or double size. Make it extra snuggly by using minke to back.

This quilt pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics Bali Hand-Dyes and Batiks.

Spring Fling in Pinks

Spring Fling in Pinks/Yellows

Approx. 45" x 57" Finished Lap Size

I first made up this design when my second neice was born back in 2012. I made up one in purples/greens for my new neice Rylan, and a matching one in pinks/yellows for her older sister Jillian. Anyone with 2 girls in the family knows that if you make something special for one girl, you better plan to make up another for the other girl. I got a lot of requests from local quilters for the pattern, so I've finally got it done.

Of course when I made up those quilts my little girl Eva wanted one too. So I promised her one eventually, so she gets the purple/aqua quilt on the pattern cover. For now everyone's happy - unless we get more girls.

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