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Within His Sight

Within His Sight in Brown

Within His Sight Pattern
Item #: WDA1311

Day the the Lake Pattern Cover

Approx. 26" x 21 1/2" Finished Size

Within His Sight in Black

I had wanted to make a wolf design for some time, but it was been pushed back repeatedly, so I'm very happy to finally have one. The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage has a lot of wolves and I think they're so beautiful and yet frightening, especially the black ones. When I made this design I initially did him up in browns because it's the more traditional look, but I also wanted to see how he would look in blacks. So thankfully he turned out well in both color schemes, so I've included the color list and photos of him in both browns and blacks in the pattern. My cousin says his eyes follow you anywhere in the room, so he always has you within his sight.

This pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics Bali Hand-Dyes and Batiks.

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Updated by Dana Michelle
May 11, 2021