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Run, Reds, Run

Run, Reds, Run

Run, Reds, Run Pattern
Item #: WDA0702

Run, Reds, Run Pattern Cover

Approx. 20" x 27" Finished Size

Summer revolves around fishing here on the Kenai Peninsula. Each year hundreds of thousands of Pacific salmon of all five species scramble up the Kenai River to reach the fresh waters where they were born to spawn. Although the Kenai River is famous for its enormous Chinook, King Salmon, it's the Sockeye that I love. Bears and fishermen are only a few of the obstacles these salmon face. Of the 400-600 eggs that are hatched by each salmon couple, an average of only two adults will manage to navigate successfully through the gauntlet of predators back to their spawning grounds four to six years after they were born.

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Updated by Dana Michelle
May 11, 2021