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Mountain Hike

Mountain Hike Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep
Approx. 24 1/2" x 27" Finished Size

Mountain Hike Big Horn Ram

Big Horn Ram
Approx. 24 1/2" x 27" Finished Size

After many years I've finally finished a mountain sheep design. Mountain Hike wallhanging began as a design to depict the white Dall Sheep we have up here in Alaska. As I completed it I had folks down south ask for a ram, and thought "I wonder if I changed up the colors a bit if it could work as a big horn ram." I've never seen one myself in person, but looked at lots of pictures online and consulted with friends I knew from the Montana area to see if it looked right done up in browns with a white nose and tush. After their approval, I decided to include both colorways in this sheep pattern. So you get a two for one in this pattern!

Laser kits for the Dall Sheep are available with or without a pattern (you will need a pattern to make your first kit for applique layout and cutting instructions). Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 is fused to all laser pre-cut applique pieces and all applique fabrics have been prewashed. Kits include matching fabrics to the original pattern cover design for all appliques and piecework as well as binding. All kits are packaged by Wildfire Designs Alaska with fabrics labeled and stored in a reusable vinyl bag, great for safekeeping your project.

Mountain Hike Pattern
Item #: WDA1714

Mountain Hike Pattern Cover

Mountain Hike (Dall Sheep) Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit with Pattern
Item #: WDA1714LKDP

Mountain Hike (Dall Sheep) Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT Included
Item #: WDA1714LKDS

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January 12, 2024