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Dancing with My Baby

Dancing with My Baby Wallhanging

Dancing with My Baby Pattern
Item #: WDA1804

Dancing with My Baby

Approx. 20" x 32" Finished Size
New wallhanging using my From the Depths Signature Batik Collection with Hoffman California Fabrics! See complete line here.

I envy the humpback whale, summers in Alaska and winters in Hawaii - oh someday please let me follow the whales south each winter! These graceful giants are wonderful to watch, especially if you get lucky enough to see them breach. They have the most beautiful song, and the mama's are very devote to their little ones.

Anytime I make designs with a mama and baby it makes me think of me and my little girl. She loves swimming and singing. As I put this design together it made me think of her and I dancing together, hence the title Dancing with My Baby.

Dancing with My Baby Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA1804LKP

Dancing with My Baby Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA1804LK

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January 12, 2024