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Cubs & Calves

Cubs & Calves

Approx. 17 1/2" x 30 1/2" Finished Size
These two adorable little critters will stop traffic every time - literally. It's very likely that if you see a row of cars stopped on the side of the road in the early spring it's because of baby moose or bears. This Cubs & Calves design combines traditional piecework with laser cut appliques (incuded with pattern). Easy enough to complete in a day!

Cubs & Calves Pattern with Shapes
Item #: WDA1604

Cubs & Calves

Cubs & Calves Refill Pack
Item #: WDA1604R
Refill packs contain three moose calves and four brown bear cubs (no pattern) as shown below.


Bear Paws Shapes

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Updated by Dana Michelle
January 12, 2024