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Caribou on the Kenai Flats

Caribou on the Kenai Flats

Caribou on the Kenai Flats Pattern
Item #: WDA0701

Caribou on the Kenai Flats Pattern Cover

Approx. 20" x 35 1/2" Finished Size

Caribou, or bejex in Outer Inlet Dena'ina, were an important resource for the Kenaitze Dena'ina people. Caribou can often be seen grazing throughout the year around the Kenai River Flats. Mount Redoubt, one of three active volcanoes observed from Kenai, dominates the skyline over the scene. The geometric patterns were derived from traditional quillwork designs found on Dena'ina clothing. These designs were woven from pocupine quills onto a piece of leather and used to adorn clothing and other items. Dyes were made of berries, charcoal, mosses, bark, and other local resources. Red and black being two of the most popular colors used in Kenai. For more information on the Kenaitze Dena'ina people, please visit their website at www.kenaitze.org.

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May 11, 2021