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Baby Beluga

Baby Beluga Wallhanging

Baby Beluga Pattern
Item #: WDA1805

Baby Beluga Pattern

Approx. 18" x25" Finished Size

New wallhanging using my From the Depths Signature Batik Collection with Hoffman California Fabrics! See complete line here.

Beluga whales are such sweet playful creatures. In the Spring we often see these little whales swimming up the Kenai River feasting on Hooligan. The grey baby whales blend perfectly into our grey silty waters, while the white adults are easy to spot as they surface for air (though I must admit I've mistaken them for ice chunks before). This design was inspired by my playful little one, who loves to sing "Baby Beluga" and is also happy, playful and always climbing on my back.

Baby Beluga Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA1805LKP

Baby Beluga Wallhanging Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA1805LK

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January 12, 2024