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Wild Rose

Wild Rose Pattern
Item #: WDA1104

Wild Rose Pattern Cover

Approx. 15" x 37" Finished Size

Wild Rose Runner

Wild Rose Placemat & Napkin

Once I had my Eva Rose I had to make a rose design. This was my first featuring the wild roses that bloom in bushes all over Southcentral Alaska in early summer. By the late summer you can collect the sweet rosehips to make jelly or butter.

Although I love these flowers, I have an annoyance with one bush in particular these days. My mom has always had raspberry bushes in her backyard, but for many years now a wild rose bush has been pushing it's way into the middle of the raspberry bushes and choking them out. My mom's grown tired of picking berries and loves the rose bush - but I love the berries! She's told me to take the raspberry shoots over to my house, and I think I better do it this summer cause that darn rose bush is winning the battle at her house. I just hope they can survive me!

This pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics. The pattern includes instructions for the Wild Rose tablerunner, placemats and napkins.

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Updated by Dana Michelle
May 11, 2021