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Wild Iris

Wild Iris Pattern
Item #: WDA1201


Approx. 17" x 42" Finished Size

Wild Iris Tablerunner

Wild Iris Placemats & Napkins

My mom has always had iris in her garden that come back year after year. I always assumed they were domesticated and never realized they grew wild in Alaskan fields. While exploring the 4-Wheel trails behind my house one summer, we stopped for a few minutes to take a break and to my surprise I saw an iris just off the trail. Then as I began looking around I realized they were all over the place. Since I'm a fan of plants that take care of themselves, I transplanted some at my new house last summer. I don't think I watered them more than once or twice (I'm a terrible gardener) and they bloomed into beautiful bouquets by mid-summer. Cross my fingers they come back next year.

This pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics Bali Hand-Dyes. The pattern includes instructions for the Wild Iris tablerunner, placemats and napkins.

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Updated by Dana Michelle
May 11, 2021