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Poppies Pattern
Item #: WDA1312

Poppies Cover

Approx. 15 3/4" x 41" Finished Size

Poppies Tablerunner


Let me first say that I have never been a fan of red (sorry), but when you put it with baby blue I completely change my opinion. When I had Eva I even painted her room baby blue with a border of bright red roses, and I've been slowly working on a double wedding ring quilt for her room in light blues with red rings (I WILL finish this quilt by her 10th birthday...I hope). So, like most colors, I do love red in certain places - and Poppies are one of those places. I saw these beautiful ladybird poppies in Kathy Sexton's amazing home gardens (owner of Trinity Greenhouse in Soldotna, Alaska), and I thought, "I have to make something with these flowers." This poppy design was the result.

This pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics. The pattern includes instructions for the Poppies tablerunner, wallhanging, placemats and napkins.

Poppies Placemat & Napkin

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Updated by Dana Michelle
January 12, 2024