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Grandma's Garden

Grandma's Garden

Grandma's Garden Pattern
Item #: WDA0906

Grandma's Garden Pattern Cover

Approx. 16" x 21 1/2" Finished Size

On Memorial weekend my Grandma Geneva and I used to go together to Trinity Greenhouse in Soldotna, Alaska to pick out the flowers for our summer gardens. She and I would always make sure to get some pansies and violas for our flower pots. These happy little flowers always remind me of her, especially the pink and rose colored ones.

Pansies and violas need very little care and are great flowers for me since I admittedly neglect my garden each year. It's not that I mean to, I just get distracted and busy and forget about them. When I come home after a nice hot day and see them drooping over the side of the pots begging for water I always bust out the hose and perk them up - and the great thing about pansies and violas is that they DO come right back to life. I've tried a few other flowers, but almost always kill them after the first few times I forget to water them. So now it's just my lilies and pansies - both great flowers for bad gardeners like me.

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