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Cranberry Pattern
Item #: WDA1202

Cranberry Pattern Cover

Approx. 16" x 36" Finished Size

Cranberry Runner


Cranberry Placemat & Napkin

Lowbush cranberries are found all over the forest floor on the Kenai Peninsula, especially around the base of spruce trees. Technically they are lingonberries, but I don't know anyone that calls them this around here. :) The berries are small, only about a 1/4" to 3/8" diameter and very tart. They are best picked in late September or early October after the first frost when they are the sweetest and juiciest. At that point they are a very dark red, almost black. I love picking them each summer with Eva. We have a great time together searching out the biggest berries and then taking them home to make cranberry orange muffins.

This pattern features Hoffman California Fabrics Bali Hand-Dyes. The pattern includes instructions for the Cranberry tablerunner, placemats and napkins.

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Updated by Dana Michelle
May 11, 2021