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Bloomin Lupine

Bloomin Lupine Tablerunner

Approx. 16 3/4" x 41" Finished Size
New lupine tablerunner using my Into the Wild Signature Batik Collection with Hoffman California Fabrics! See entire line here.
Lupines have always been my favorite wildflower, probably because of the blue/purple color, but also because they are the first wildflowers to bloom in mass in the summer in Alaska - well not counting dandelions, but they're a weed right? :-)

Bloomin Lupine Pattern
Item #: WDA1701

Bloomin Lupine Pattern

Bloomin Lupine Tablerunner Laser Kit plus Pattern
Item#: WDA1701LKP

Bloomin Lupine Tablerunner Laser Cut Kit
Pattern NOT included
Item#: WDA1701LK

Have you ever seen a quilt or pattern with beautiful appliques and thought, "I wish I could just get the pre-cut appliques so I could put those on ...." Well now you can with the appliques on the new Bloomin Lupine, Wildfire Weed and Forget Me Not patterns! All applique pieces are backed with Lite Steam-a-Seam 2. A pattern is still needed to arrange the flowers correctly.

Bloomin Lupine Applique Only kits (below) contain only the laser pre-cut pieces to make up the 3 lupine appliques on the Bloomin Lupine tablerunner. Now you can put them on anything you want - the possibilities are endless!

Bloomin Lupine Applique ONLY Laser Kit plus Pattern
Background fabrics and binding NOT included
Item#: WDA1701LAP

Bloomin Lupine Applique ONLY Laser Cut Kit
Pattern, background fabrics and binding NOT included
Item#: WDA1701LA

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Updated by Dana Michelle
October 14, 2018